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Color Services

Each appointment begins with an in-depth consultation & includes help selecting the best hair care products to maintain your fabulous color.

Featuring:  Redken Chromatics & Shades EQ 

Hair Color

Base Retouch                                         $65-95+

Retouch & Finish                                         $95+

Retouch & Haircut                                    $108+

Additional Applications                                $25+


Incredible durability and exceptional shine, sharp, brilliant colors. 

Base Retouch                                               75+

Retouch & Finish                                        105+

Retouch & Haircut                                      $118+

Additional Elumen Applications                     $35+

Pops of Elumen                                           10+


Full Foil                                                  $100+

Full Foil & Haircut                                     $140+

Foil Retouch                                               $85+

Foil Retouch & Haircut                                $125+

Partial Foil                                                 $70+

Partial Foil & Haircut                                  $110+

Full Foil & Base Retouch                              $155+

Full Foil, Base Retouch & Haircut                 $195+

Additonal Colors                                       $30+

New Blonde                                               $45+

5 minute base-breaking service to keep highlights

fresh between appointments

Express Toner                                               $25+

Eliminate those unwanted brassy tones between

appointments with a quick toning service.  Blow

dry and style additional.


Specialty Colors

Because of the time-consuming nature of specialty colors they are priced upon consultation with your stylist. 



Fashion Colors

Color Correction

Prices shown on our menu are starting prices and may vary depending on stylist, length, thickness, time and product used. Exact pricing is determined by consultation.

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