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look good feel better

Cancer can rob a woman of her energy, appetite, and strength.

But it doesn't have to take away her self-confidence.

We all know that being diagnosed with cancer is a very traumatic experience. Treatments can be overwhelming and feel never ending. As a result of treatment side effects, the body may go through changes no one expected. The most common of these is hair loss, but the treatments can also affect your skin and nails.

I myself have personally known many people including clients,friends

and co-workers affected by cancer. As a professional cosmetologist, I have been in a position to help them through some of the beauty related issues they faced.  In their honor, I have dedicated this space on our website to provide everyone in our area with information and resources to help them with their journey.










The Look Good Feel Better "LGFB" program is a nonprofit organization that helps cancer patients manage the appearance-related side effects of their cancer treatment. They are a non-medical, brand-neutral public service program open to all women with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or other forms of treatment.


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