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Texture Services

Smoothing Treatments

Today's permanent waves and relaxers provide gentler ways to subtly or seriously change the hairs natural behavior.  Our stylists are trained in the latest products & techniques and have mastered the ability to work with all hair types.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment  $150-$300+

Hair will feel noticably softer and silkier, with added life, shine and vibrancy. It will be more manageable and resistant to humidity. Results typically last up to 3 months depending on lifestyle, maintenance and adherence to aftercare instructions. Haircut additional.


Express Keratin Treatment     $90+

Get the same results as our Keratin Smoothing treatment with results lasting 30-45 days. Great for in between full Keratin treatments or just to try out the service without the commitment!


Color Lock Treatment     $50+

This 2-in-1 service seals your cuticle, locking in your new color with the added benefit of curl and frizz control. Color stays more vibrant and lasts longer while keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy, smooth and shiny.

Anti-Curl     $90+

Anti-frizz, anti-humidity chemical curl remover perfect for clients with naturally curly or frizzy hair in need of control. Anti-curl is milder and more gentle to the hair and scalp than other relaxers. Anti-curl does not completely straighten hair. Hair will have body, softness and a slight to more pronounced bend, depending on the starting texture. Haircut additional.

Permanent Waves

Design Wave & Finish                                    $90+

Design Wave & Haircut                                 $105+

Multi-Textured Perm                                         $75+

Multi-Textured Perm & Haircut                          $115+

Spiral Perm                                                $100+

Spiral Perm & Haircut                                   $140+

Prices shown on our menu are starting prices and may vary depending on stylist, length, thickness, time and product used. Exact pricing is determined by consultation.

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