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Haircut & Styling Services

Specializing in the latest techniques & fashion trends, we are experts at creating a cut and style that's perfectly customized for you.

Each appointment begins with an in-depth consultation and includes

at-home styling tips, as well as help selecting the best products to achieve and maintain your perfect look.


Women's Signature Haircut                             $43-$65+

Bang Trim                                                            $12

Blow Dry Bar

Very Short                                                        $30+

Short-Medium                                                    $35+

Medium-Long                                                   $45+

Long-X Long                                                     $55+

Special Occasion Style

We work with you to create the perfect

 hairstyle for your important event.                       $85+

Olaplex & ConditioningTreatments

Olaplex                                                             $10

Added to color,  per application

Olaplex Treatment                                           $30+

Restore compromised hair, or add it to another service

to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.  Olaplex is

a scientifically-developed treatment that permanently

rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that

are broken during the chemical process.  Olaplex allows

you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your

hair; giving hair a thicker look and healthier feel.


Conditioning Mask                                              $15+

Prices shown on our menu are starting prices and may vary depending on stylist, length, thickness, time and product used. Exact pricing is determined by consultation.

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