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Haircut & Styling Services

Specializing in the latest techniques & fashion trends, we are experts at creating a cut and style that's perfectly customized for you.

Each appointment begins with an in-depth consultation and includes

at-home styling tips, as well as help selecting the best products to achieve and maintain your perfect look.


Women's Signature Haircut                           $50-$85+

Bang Trim                                                            $15

Blow Dry Bar

Short                                                                 $35+

Medium                                                            $45+

Long                                                              $60+

Special Occasion Style

We work with you to create the perfect

 hairstyle for your important event.                       $95+

Olaplex & ConditioningTreatments

Olaplex                                                             $15
Added to color,  per application

Olaplex Treatment                                            $35+
Restore compromised hair, or add it to another service
to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.  Olaplex is a scientifically
-developed treatment that permanently
rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that
are broken during the chemical process.  Olaplex allows
you to rebuild the strength, s
tructure and integrity of your
hair; giving hair a thicker look and healthier feel.

Conditioning Mask or CAT Treatment                  $20+

Prices shown on our menu are starting prices and may vary depending on stylist, length, thickness, time and product used. Exact pricing is determined by consultation.

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